Our max absorption capsules

Author: Andrea Lisi < Back to all posts
Published: Mon, Feb 14, 22 1 min to read

Probiotics are sensitive to gastric environments and the live bacteria hate oxygen, moisture and heat.

That's why we use an innovative and patented gastro-resistant capsule able to release the live bacteria at the right point of the intestine, keeping these bacteria alive and kicking. 

DRcaps® is a patented delivery technology specifically designed for probiotic applications, which safeguards viability through digestion. It protects live bacteria from oxygen, moisture and heat. That’s why no refrigeration is required.

This study, run by Bio-Images Research in Glasgow, Scotland, confirmed significant optimised absorption of live bacteria delivered through DRcap® technology.

* R. Amo (2013). DRcaps® Capsules Achieve Delayed Release Properties for Nutritional Ingredients in Human Clinical Study.

DR®capsule is titanium-dioxide free and 100% VEGAN.