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The latest articles on all things related to pre, post, and probiotics - our thoughts, ideas, happenings, and scientific discoveries.

Our max absorption capsules February 2022 Our max absorption capsules

Probiotics are sensitive to gastric environments and the live bacteria hate oxygen, moisture and heat. That's why we use an inn...

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Our Manifesto February 2022 Our Manifesto

We’re a bio-tech company aiming to unlock the potential of each probiotic strain to help improve the health of people all aroun...

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The gut-skin axis simplified October 2021 The gut-skin axis simplified

Our skin is covered with trillions of bacteria.Almost all of our body is covered in bacteria - actually, our bodies host more ...

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Why Immunity Probiotics are important for your health. October 2021 Why Immunity Probiotics are important for your ...

This one is simple... to prevent pathogens from taking ownership of your gut, and your overall body too. Probiotics are good ba...

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We are a holobiont September 2021 We are a holobiont

The concept of holobiont is particularly fascinating when applied to human beings. We are made by human cells + trillion microb...

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At Fermento we bring precision into probiotics.

We’re scientists who want to unlock the power of probiotics to make the world a healthier place.
We study the wonderful connections between the body and the good bacteria that live inside us. So we can bust myths, show the real benefits of probiotics, and help more people enjoy life to the full.

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Precision probiotics

Condition specific formulas

Get the specific probiotic strains you need for skin, gut, or immune health.

Skin Calm
4 Precision probiotic strains

Looking after your skin microbiome is the key to healthy, thriving skin.

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Immune Power
2 Precision probiotic strains

Get your immune system firing on all cylinders with a healthy gut-immune axis.

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Gut Protect
5 Precision probiotic strains

Restore your gut microbiome to fight inflammation, bloating and constipation.

Vagina Balance
5 Precision probiotic strains

Designed to rebalance the vaginal microbiome and combat infections.