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Bust the jargon

Probiotics science can be tricky to decode, so we've created a glossary.
Check it out to get the lowdown on microbiomes, pathogens and plenty more.

Probiotics are good bacteria that keep us healthy. We've all got billions of them living inside us – and sometimes they
need a little top-up.

The precision probiotics your body would ask for

Our gut microbiome is deeply interconnected with many organs and systems of the body. That’s why we select specific probiotics strains to target specific health conditions, with benefits beyond the gut.

Gut Health
Gut Health
A disrupted gut microbiome is the main cause of bloating, diarrhoea and IBS*. Taking the right probiotics can help to fight pathogens and restore gastrointestinal health.

Immune Defence
Immune Defence
80% of our immune cells are in our gut and the gut microbiome teaches immune cells to identify and fight pathogens. A compromised gut is compromised immunity - probiotics can get your health back on track.

Skin Care
Skin Care
Heard of the skin-gut axis? If your gut is unbalanced it can affect your skin microbiome and cause conditions like eczema, acne, and rosacea. The right probiotics can treat these the natural way.

Vaginal Health
Vaginal Health
Like your gut the vagina microbiome hosts billions of bacteria. If this is disrupted it can cause infections like thrush and bacterial vaginosis. Apply the right probiotics and your vaginal microbiome will thrive.

Condition specific formulas

Get the specific probiotic strains you need for skin, gut, or immune health.

Skin Calm
4 Precision probiotic strains

Looking after your skin microbiome is the key to healthy, thriving skin.

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Immune Power
2 Precision probiotic strains

Get your immune system firing on all cylinders with a healthy gut-immune axis.

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Gut Protect
5 Precision probiotic strains

Restore your gut microbiome to fight inflammation, bloating and constipation.

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Vagina Balance
4 Precision probiotic strains

Designed to rebalance the vaginal microbiome and combat infections.


At Fermento we bring precision into probiotics.

We’re scientists who want to unlock the power of probiotics to make the world a healthier place.

We study the wonderful connections between the body and the good bacteria that live inside us. So we can bust myths, show the real benefits of probiotics, and help more people enjoy life to the full.

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